Entry Level Handsets & Accessories

We have a fantastic range of entry level VoIP phones that are suitable for low-call usage areas such as unmanned reception areas, classrooms, kitchens and meeting rooms. They have a limited number of function keys which are ideal for transferring calls to colleagues.

You can have your connections in a single office or connect remote locations. Voicemail and recordings are stored in the Cloud meaning that you can access them at any time, from any device and from anywhere.

Excel Connect can integrate with Microsoft systems to offer additional functionality of Microsoft Teams and Office software, making it an extremely affordable complete office solution for the small to medium sized business.


Mobex, The Power To Build Your Business

Mobex is a mobile and desktop application that offers you the ability to make and receive calls on your mobile from anywhere in the world using your mobile as an office extension.

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Excel Connect makes switching to VoIP easy and affordable!

Our Excel Connect platform and range of associated products lets your staff make and receive calls from wherever they happen to be – whether that’s the office, home or even in beside the pool. It also allows you to mask your real business location, should you so wish, as most VoIP providers can offer numbers within any UK area code, and even overseas locations.

Simple. Affordable. Reliable. Powerful.


Free Minutes

We include call minutes to national landline and mobile numbers, as well as more than 35 international destinations, making for predictable bills.

Everything Included

Our packages are inclusive of the features you need to help staff, look professional and operate more efficiently.

Web Portal

The web portal offers you full control of your system with the click of a mouse. Add extensions, download bills, change call routing, turn on holiday messages, and more.

No Contracts

We offer flexible terms that allow you to leave Excel when you want to. No long contracts.

Dedicated Account Manager

You will have your own dedicated account manager to help you should you need anything. Plus we review your system annually to make sure you are getting the most out of it.

Guaranteed Reliability

VoIP telephony can have call quality issues if the underlying network is not fit for purpose. At Excel, our Private Access Network guarantees call quality.

Work From Anywhere

Your hosted VoIP business phone system from Excel can allow you to use your personal (or business) smartphone JUST like your office phone. Make and receive calls from your office number, transfer calls to colleagues and more…

Work From Anywhere

More Than 5OO Advanced Features



Also called IVR (Interactive Voice Response) auto-attendant is an automated answer system that provides menus to callers, allowing efficient routing of calls. This ensures calls reach the appropriate person without using valuable resource.

Call Recording

A great tool for administrators that need to record calls for training, compliance or monitoring. Set up automatic recordings for one or multiple users with the click of a button, or record all inbound calls from a particular number. Recorded calls are saved in call logs and can be played back any time.

Call Queuing

Calls are delivered to available staff on a first-in, first-out basis. Callers are notified of their position in the queue. Music, information or notices can be played to them while they wait.

Call Reporting

The ability to report on the behaviour of your users by tracking all calls on your phone system. Search data to identify who picks up the call quickly, who is on the phone the most often and a variety of other metrics. This data is available in easy-to-read reports and can help management increase the productivity of their teams.

Mobile Twinning

The ability to use your mobile telephone as a ‘twin’ of your office desktop phone. When your office phone rings your mobile does too. This ensures employees are contactable on a single number, allowing them to provide better service and maintain a professional image no matter where they may be.


A real-time reporting tool that provides a view of the key phone-related factors affecting your business. Enabling you to measure and improve performance, increase sales and share content to keep staff involved and maintain common goals.

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Excel Connect A10 VoIP Desk Phone

The A10 is a quality phone with great functionality, ideal for people who are low usage users or people who do not require a large number of dedicated function keys. The A10 handset would suit areas such as unmanned receptions, kitchens, meeting rooms, and classrooms.


Excel Connect B20 VoIP Desk Phone

The B20 is a quality phone with great functionality, ideal for people who are low usage users or people who do not require a large number of dedicated function keys. This handset has a slightly larger colour screen than that of the A10 model and supports 1000 Mbps Networking, The B20 handset would suit areas such as unmanned receptions, kitchens, meeting rooms and classrooms.


Excel Connect C30 VoIP Desk Phone

The C30 is an amazing cost-effective executive IP handset packed full of features as standard, complete with a colour screen, digital busy lamp field, and a wide range of functions available via the screen. This phone would be an excellent choice for many businesses that require ease of functionality at an affordable price.


Excel Connect D44 Professional VoIP Desk Phone

The Excel Connect Professional D44 is a fantastic feature-rich professional handset that offers all the features required when working in a professional organisation and a busy environment. An elegant colour screen surrounded by soft touch keys gives you all of the day-to-day functionality at the touch of a button.


Excel Connect E50 Enterprise VoIP Desk Phone

The E50 Enterprise IP Handset is designed for business managers and busy office professionals to streamline communication and enhance collaboration. The large LCD colour screen along with HD voice, 20 SIP lines and 42 tri-coloured physical keys (106 DSS keys) makes it ideal for the Reception as an Operator Console. Its enhanced LCD side colour display can show wallboard information, perfect for the Supervisor.


Excel Connect F60 Enterprise VoIP Desk Phone

With a modern, clear design, the Excel Connect Enterprise F60 is a high-end enterprise IP phone for business users who need immediate access to all of their important information. In addition to a 7-inch capacitive touch screen for up to 127 DSS key entries, the telephone also features 20 SIP lines, HD audio with Opus support, built-in Bluetooth, Wi-Fi connectivity (via Wi-Fi dongle) and more!


Excel Connect Headset Range

Excel Connect offers an unbeatable selection of monaural and binaural headsets perfect for every situation. Our wired headsets feature ergonomically designed headbands with plush padding for superior comfort, adjustable microphones, and crystal-clear audio output. For added convenience, our wireless models provide up to 15 meters of uninterrupted operation range, noise cancellation for ambient sound blocking, and multiple connections for your favourite devices. Whatever your needs, we have a headset perfect for you – from basic and budget-friendly to high-end and top of the line!