Lower Price Gas and Electricity for Businesses

Excel Comms have a direct relationship with all of our corporate, commercial and domestic gas and electricity suppliers, hence why we able to remove the middle man and or broker and put you in complete control.

We offer a range of additional energy broker services to support our customers’ commercial energy needs. We pride ourselves in the fact that we have helped thousands of small to large businesses manage and reduce their gas and electricity costs year on year.

Our business gas and business electricity prices comparison services are second to none. Our commercial energy broker solutions will allow you to make an informed decision about a key element of your business energy expenditure and will provide you with a trusted link between you and your business energy suppliers.

Commercial energy that makes sense


Bill Validation

After you sign up with us, send us a copy of your new bill and we’ll make sure you’re being charged what was agreed.

Full Customer Account Management

We manage the full switch from your current contract over to a new one, providing you with a seamless experience with absolutely no downtime of your supply.

Service Streamlining

We can align all of your sites, services and contract end dates, to make it easier to monitor your energy usage and manage your spending across multiple locations.

Proactive Contract Management

We’ll monitor your contract throughout its duration to ensure that you never fall into rates outside your contract.

Proactive Termination Notices

If you choose to move from your current supplier, we will manage all communications to terminate your existing contract – taking everything out of your hands.

Have your fingers been burnt?

Believe it or not, the largest savings are made by organisations that switch their gas and electricity suppliers. With just your meter readings, we can provide a hassle-free switch to lower prices and an easier life.

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Energy Supplier

Fixed Price and Flexible contracts depending on your business’ energy usage