To excel at providing professional services, hotels need to make an all-around improvement to their communication infrastructure.

Intense competition in hotel industry drives hoteliers to pursue the high efficiency of communications and information management system.

More advanced and specialized communication solution not only facilitates hotel operations but also ensures high-quality guest experience and nourishes guest loyalty. Integrating IP communications is an indispensable aspect. With the IP communications system, guests can enjoy voice communications at a low expense; hotel staff collaboration is also enhanced.

The full scope of the hospitality solution

A wide range of compatible hotel phones for reception, rooms and back office.


Professional System

The built-in auto-attendant and mini call centre will help hotels to respond to customer inquiries and reservation immediately and professionally.

Improve efficiency and generate revenue

Hotel staff gets effective communications with advanced features like 3-way calling, intercom, mobility extension, and more. Hotels could also generate revenue by charging telephone calls, conferencing, video conferencing, etc.

Scalability and compatibility

Relocation of extensions and expansion of the system are flexible and easy. Its strong compatibility ensures networking with legacy equipment.

Customer Testimonial

I can confirm the Boutique Hotel Group have been a client of Excel Communications since 2016. Simon and his team have always been of great help and I can recommend his services.

Boutique Hotel Group Limited

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