As technology has improved over the last decade, we are increasingly finding our customers are taking advantage of the capabilities that business voice over IP (VoIP) has to offer.

Because of this, BT has stopped offering businesses the ability to acquire ISDN and PSTN, with the complete switch off happening in 2025. This will mean the end of using traditional phone lines, and telecommunications will be entirely driven by VoIP. 

BT are already introducing a cut off point where they will no longer offer businesses the ability to place orders for ISDN and PSTN services after 2020, with the total switch off occurring in 2025.


What will be the impact on business communication?

The switch off is part of a cost-saving operation by BT.

The biggest impact will be to customers that are still making use of fax machines or traditional landline telephones, or phone systems using analogue or ISDN connections.


Where Do You Go from Here?

BT wants to push business’ towards their own cheaper VoIP solutions while retiring their old copper network, and rolling out new fiber services.


What Is the BT 2025 Switch

The switch off was announced last year. BT plans to turn off all functionality for analogue phone lines. They’ll start to wind down the provision of new PSTN installs from 2020 through to 2023 with a total nationwide stop on services after 2025 in preparation for the move.


What are the benefits of VoIP provided by Excel?

Cost benefits: your business will see a reduction in line rental as fewer physical lines will be required.

Scalable: If your business has a system paired with a SIP line, VoIP will allow for easy transfer of calls between offices and locations and you will be able to use your work line anywhere!

New lines quicker: VoIP allows for new lines to be provisioned faster.


How should your business prepare for the BT Switch off?

2025 is officially when the network will be switched off, so you have time to prepare. If your phone contract is due for renewal, then now would be the time to switch and start exploring VoIP options with Excel.

With Openreach rolling out FTTP (Fibre to the premises) you might be able to upgrade and move away from the old copper network entirely!

Why not speak to a member of the Excel team to see if your area is enabled for FTTP?

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